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My Medium Earnings From October 2019 to January 31st 2024

This is a story of honesty and how much money a person like me is likely to get

Samuel Kenneth Kauffman
7 min readFeb 17, 2024


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Let’s make this as clear as the daytime sun right now. If I were to tell you how much money I’d made on this platform since day one, you’d jump my throat and want a refund. Unfortunately, the owners of this platform, A Medium Company, are not in the business of refunding people.

Instead of talking right off the bat about how much cash I’ve earned for a little over four-and-a-quarter years, I’ll give it to you piece by piece. My income from Medium is well less than minimum wage in Washington State, anyway. Maybe it’s just as well.

So… let’s start with the date of October 22nd, 2019. That’s when I started posting on this platform. I wrote two pieces on the same day, one for this section of the platform, and the other for my first publication.

The first piece did not earn me any cash… well, it wasn’t like I knew any better. I didn’t know about the Medium Partner Program (called MPP from here on out) back then, nor did I realize how it would help me out. I was a guy who didn’t have any leeway to get paid for my writing then. What I mean is, that I was going to school four days a week in Edmonds, and I wasn’t taking this platform seriously (though not for no reason).

Okay, I’m also on the Autism Spectrum, and thus eligible for Social Security Disability Income. I’d been on SSDI for a lot longer than the MPP (for all the good that’s given me), which means I have a lot of rules I need to operate under, at least regarding my income. One of those rules is that I’m not legally allowed to have more than $2k in all my combined bank accounts.

However, this piece is not about me being on SSDI, so I’ll stop that right there. I’m just rambling about that now, which I need to stop, anyway. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

How much money am I earning from the MPP? What’s the reason for my earnings being what they are? How am I going to make more money here?

Let’s answer the questions in order.



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