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I Wrote My Sixth Vocal Piece

This is a Haiku for their new poetry contest

Samuel Kenneth Kauffman
2 min readNov 11, 2022


Photo by Nima Mot on Unsplash

Okay, I get it. You’re probably wondering why I’m showing a mountaintop as the picture in this article, right?

Well, it deals with my Vocal piece, which I labeled The Mount of Olives. This article is going to explain where you can go to find the piece, and why I went with the subject that I chose.

First, here is the link to my piece:

Second, here is the information about my piece that I mentioned would be a thing.

This piece I wrote is based on a challenge for the Poets' community on Vocal, which normally has a minimum word count of 100 words. Because Haiku are poems as well, the staff at Vocal had to break the rules for that community for until the contest is over. The nature of this haiku is about mountains… which means I had to come up with a 17-syllable poem within five days, as of this writing.

Now, because of my beliefs, I wrote this piece to share the nature of my Lord and Savior leaving and someday returning to fix what needed to be fixed about our world. His work remains incomplete. I just hope to see what his Kingdom will be like when he returns.

Thank you for humoring me about this.



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